Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gagalnya Manhaj ISHAB?

Finally, the Muslim Brotherhood has failed to realize that its time is over. This is a secret organization founded in the 1920 to fight the British in Egypt. During their long history, they have suffered draconian measures under Egypt’s many rulers, most seriously under Nasser. Their ideology and their tactics, their rhetoric and their philosophy have all reflected this siege mentality. One would have expected that having come to power as a result of free and fair elections that have, in turn, been the result of an amazing popular revolution, that they adopt a more relaxed, open, inclusive and tolerant attitude. Personally, I think the Brotherhood should have disbanded itself and morphed into political party. Instead, they did form a party but in an avaricious, greedy attitude they not only kept their organization, but also kept its secretive, clandestine structure and mentality. Famously, the president showed his true preference when he addressed the MB cadres and members as “my family and folk”, raising doubts in the minds of millions of Egyptians about his true allegiance. And in a drooling hunger for control, the MB unleashed their cadres onto the institutions of the state in a rabid race to control them, what we have called ‘Ikhwanization’. What is more, this ‘Ikhwanization’ has been going on with no vision, philosophy or aim except to control the hinges of the state. Furthermore, with their old literature making it abundantly clear that this “tamkeen” tactic aims at nothing less that imprinting their vision on the totality of Egyptian society, it is no surprisethat people got scared and rebelled.

I believe the Muslim Brotherhood is dead. It is a very tragic death as it happens paradoxically just when they thought that the future is theirs. Their best days are already behind them. And what makes it even more difficult for them to accept this tragic end is that it was brought about not because of the clever tactics or the insightful leadership of the opposition, as much as it was the result of their own bull-headed, stubborn leadership. That, as my dear friend Sherif Younis said, caused them to win all the battles, but lose the war. This, and the friendly advice that Ms. Patterson has been giving Mr. El-Shater


Abu Khalid
Hamba Allah, Kuli Dakwah.

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