Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introduction to Ba'th of Usamah bin Zaid

The Ba‘th of Usāmah did not take place in the lifetime of the Prophet, although the Prophet strictly insisted on sending the army by stating many times, during his last illness: “Send the Ba‘th of Usāmah” (Ibn Hishām 1987: (4) 299).

After the Prophet died and his first successor Abū Bakr was elected, the first thing that Abū Bakr began his rule with was to send the Ba‘th of Usāmah towards Ubnā as the Prophet had ordered.

Some Muslim sources indicated that many of the companions of the Prophet tried their best to convince Abū Bakr to postpone this mission until he had secured Madīnah and the region around it, especially when the Riddah (apostasy) movement started right after the death of the Prophet; however, he strongly rejected this, and insisted on sending the army immediately saying:

Even if I knew that the lions would eat me in this city, I would send the army of Usāmah bin Zaid, as the Prophet said: “Send the Army of Usāmah”

Abu Khalid
Hamba Allah, Kuli Dakwah.

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